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MH Cable Email to be Decommissioned effective September 30th, 2019

MH Cable Email to be Decommissioned effective September 30th, 2019

 We regretfully are unable to keep up with the advances in a competitive way and as a result we plan to decommission MH Cable email effective September 30th, 2019.  We will continue to forward email to your new provider until the end of the year if you request it. We want to advise all users ahead of time that they will need to find another email provider […]

Reopening Businesses

Reopening Local Businesses

Mid-Hudson Cable is pleased to offer a special package to celebrate the reopening of businesses that were closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are offering this low cost reopening package to help you get back in business.

Special payment options including: No down payment, deferred payments or payment plans are available!

In addition to a very low cost advertising campaign, we are also including one :30 second still frame commercial with […]

Channels Moving

ATTENTION Cable Subscribers! We are continuing to move our channels from SD quality to HD quality on our lineup. The next move will be AUGUST 27th.

If you are missing any channels after this date, call into the office and have a signal sent to your equipment (800-342-5400), OR send us a private message here on Facebook. Those missing channels will come right back up once your equipment has the signal! We appreciate your patience and understand it can […]