Public Right of Way

The arrival of fiber internet, renowned for its speed and reliability, generates palpable excitement when it comes to new neighborhoods. Its remarkable speed and extensive bandwidth enhance online experiences, from streaming and video calls to gaming. However, the installation and upkeep of our network entail accessing private properties, including your neighbors’ and yours. This access is permitted under the legal principle known as the “public right of way,” a crucial element of our efforts at Mid-Hudson Cable to deliver fiber internet to the community.

What is public right of way?

A public right of way designates specific land set aside for use by authorized public entities, playing a pivotal role in facilitating utility services such as those provided by Mid-Hudson Cable. When you become a homeowner, these rights are formally delineated, allowing utilities to exercise the authority to construct and maintain vital infrastructure. This encompasses not only the initial installation of utility systems but also the periodic repairs and necessary enhancements required to guarantee a dependable and high-quality internet service experience for the entire community.

In essence, public rights of way serve as a legal framework that ensures utilities have the necessary access to the land for the purpose of providing essential services. While they grant utilities the privilege to make use of this land, it’s important to note that specific connections to your home’s network are typically established with your explicit consent when you choose to subscribe to Mid-Hudson Cable’s services. Consequently, ongoing access to these rights of way enables the continued improvement and maintenance of the infrastructure, ultimately contributing to the overall reliability and performance of internet services in your area.

Ensuring safety + quality

We work with you

Above all, please keep in mind that our installation team will only visit your residence if you specifically request fiber internet installation and connection. The decision to utilize our high-speed internet service ultimately rests with you!

Regardless of whether you choose to subscribe to our services, we may still require access to the right of way in front of your home to install fiber connections for your neighbors and nearby residents. Our commitment is to maintain clear communication throughout the entire process, offering updates before, during, and after construction.

My lawn + property

One of the most common concerns for homeowners, and quite a natural one at that, is what happens to their lawn and landscaping when work is being carried out in the public right of way. In simple terms: no need to fret! We’re deeply rooted in the local community, and safeguarding it is our priority.

Once construction is completed, our commitment is to diligently restore the public right of way to its original condition. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our local customer service team; we’re here to assist you.