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Mid-Hudson has built the most advanced fiber internet network throughout Columbia and Greene Counties enabling homes & businesses to access the Internet with a fiber optic connection with increased speedsgreater reliability and enhanced security.

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What is fiber internet?

Fiber optic internet is a type of broadband internet service that uses fiber-optic cables to transmit data via beams of light up to 1,000 times faster than traditional copper cables.

Faster data speeds mean speedier upload and download speeds, shorter loading time on websites, and streaming without lagging. Plus, fiber cables are tougher to extract data from it, making it more secure and can also better withstand the elements .

Why choose fiber internet?

Where fiber internet is available.

Residential Internet is available in Greene, Columbia & Southern Albany counties in Upstate NY. Our new Fiber Internet is now widely everywhere.1

Looking for our traditional cable internet or don’t live in the Fiber service area? Don’t worry, our traditional cable internet is still here and will be used in areas where Fiber is not yet available. See our questions and answers for more.

1 Coverage map is an estimate of our service area only. Call for availability at your service address.

What you’ll get…

The perks of choosing Mid-Hudson Fiber Internet.

  • We’re committed to investing in the growth of our network. We’ve continued to invest and build our fiber network over the past 20 years, pushing into more rural areas and increasing speeds in our network.
  • Local, professional installation from our technicians. We’ll make sure your network is up and running perfectly and show you how to use any optional add-on equipment you have.
  • Chat online with our friendly, local customer service representatives and technicians for any questions or issues you may have.
  • Bundle & save! Bundle Internet with our Digital TV and save money.

Q. Did fiber replace your prior internet packages?

A. Yes and no. Our traditional cable internet hasn’t gone anywhere and continues to serve a majority of our customers. Fiber Internet – as we continue to build out our network – will replace our traditional cable internet as our flagship Internet service. For those customers looking for service where Fiber is now available, Fiber will be used automatically.

Q. Where is Fiber Internet currently available?

A. Fiber Internet is now widely available in Columbia, Greene & Southern Albany Counties. As we continue to expand our Fiber footprint please call us for availability at your service address.

Q. I’m a current Internet customer. Can I get the Fiber upgrade also?

A. Absolutely! All new and existing customers where our new fiber internet is available will automatically we installed with or upgraded to the new fiber internet.

Q. How much is Mid-Hudson Business Fiber Internet?

A. Our packages start as low as $100/mo. Because each business is different, our professionals will assess the best plan & speed for your business and can customize an affordable package that best suites your needs.

Q. What’s the difference between Broadband & Fiber Internet?

A. The biggest difference between broadband and fiber Internet is how data is transmitted. Broadband Internet uses the same coax lines as cable TV, meaning your bandwidth connection is shared with nearby businesses and residents. Fiber Internet transmits data as light through strands of glass over a private connection, offering faster speeds of up to 2 Gbps, more security and guaranteed reliability.

Q. As a new customer, do I have to request to get Fiber for my Internet?

A. No. If you live in our growing Fiber service area, you’ll automatically be given Fiber Internet.

Q. Do I need special equipment if I am given Fiber or will I have to pay more than traditional cable internet?

A. No to both. Our Fiber Internet pricing is the same as our traditional cable internet. There’s no equipment charges and installation is as easy and quick as our traditional cable internet.  We’ve kept the installation process as easy as it has always been so you won’t notice a difference.

Q. How fast is Business Fiber Internet?

A. Our Business Fiber Internet can reach speeds up to 10 Gbps. With symmetrical Internet speeds you’ll receive fast upload and download speeds to power any business.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so certain that you’ll love you Fiber Internet with Mid-Hudson that we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on your service. Try Mid-Hudson Fiber Internet worry-free and see what a difference fiber can make.

Don’t take our word for it

Hear from our satisfied customers.

When I moved into my apartment i chose to go through Mid-Hudson because there were no other providers in my area. An employee, Eli, came and installed my router with no issues. It was my first time having internet by myself and he made the whole process so easy. He was friendly, courteous, and I am so far pleased with my service.
Katie U.
Katie U.
10:51 09 May 23
I love this service compared to the other providers. I always expect there to maintenance and downtime. As a LIVE streamer. I have the basic internet package. Which is insanely worth it. 100down and 7up. If you're paying more than $60 for anything lower than that. You're getting ripped. I see a lot of people complaining about an ISP/CSP and don't seem to understand how a company like that is able to deliver and have some hiccups. They are not that often. Usually expected late evening early morning when everyone is home binge watching and passing out.
Ryan D.
Ryan D.
12:47 12 Apr 23
Ray was knowledgeable and answered specific questions related to getting cable along with internet services.
Patricia Del C.
Patricia Del C.
19:28 04 Mar 23
I recently requested information from Mid-Hudson Cablevision via their text service. I requested Mid-Hudson to provide my internet data usage per month. Although MidHudson Cablevision does not normally track usage, the customer service representative went out of their way and quantified my usage. This request help me determine my usage in using a Mobile WiFi unit. Every time I call Mid-Hudson Cablevision, I receive an informative and helpful response. This customer service text service is very helpful and efficient. I highly recommend Mid-Hudson Cablevision.
Doug O
Doug O
16:44 17 Feb 23
Called to upgrade my internet and they made it quick and easy. I also needed a tech to come to my house and they sent one the next day.
Rita L.
Rita L.
20:42 07 Feb 23
We have internet-only service from Mid-Hudson Cable in a condo we own and rent out. We recently got a comment from a renter about the internet being slow and dropping every few minutes. I called to ask if there was an upgrade to the router or service we could make to fix the issue.I spoke with John in the IT department. He was SUPER helpful, ran a speed test remotely, and looked at the devices that were connected in the past few days during the rental. He noticed the particular brand of TV we had and explained that he had the same kind and had the same issues with his. He said when he switched TVs, the issue went away.I think this is our problem as well, as I've never had an issue with my phone or laptop connecting. We're really thankful to have someone who stayed on the phone to figure out the issue instead of needlessly upselling us on service or products. Really can't thank them enough.The internet service is otherwise fantastic, and the customer service is unparalleled, in my opinion!
Dan S.
Dan S.
16:34 06 Jan 23
Dan and Jason were amazing for wifi and Eero installation! They were super personable, helpful and cleaned up after themselves! Everyone loves a man who cleans up after themselves 😆 my internet works wonderful in all areas of my house now, and before I barely had service anywhere in here! Midhudson was truly so easy and great from the initial phone call all the way to the installation. I highly recommend this company for wifi!
Denise B.
Denise B.
21:14 23 Nov 22
I just signed up for wireless internet with Mid-Hudson Cablevision. Their representative Victoria is the consummate associate. Victoria is knowledgeable, professional and personable! I look forward to doing business with Mid-Hudson Cablevision.Donna another representative was so kind. I was having trouble affording my payment and she told me about a government program that aassists with a monthly credit towards my bill. I am so grateful to Donna!!!!!
Dorothy W.
Dorothy W.
15:35 03 Oct 22
I spoke to Vernon to get internet set up at my house. He explained a few things that hadn't been previously explained, which was very helpful. He made signing up very quick, easy, and informative. I can't speak for the internet service, or the technician yet, but speaking with Vernon was great.
cara Z.
cara Z.
19:53 30 Sep 22

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