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Mid-Hudson Cablevision Toll Fraud Department is dedicated to the protection of Mid-Hudson Cablevision’s customers and our network. Mid-Hudson Cablevision, like all toll providers, has experienced significant toll fraud impacting customers. Mid-Hudson Cablevision has dedicated resources working to investigate, track and resolve issues to avoid toll fraud, however not all toll fraud can be avoided.

The most common and costly form of toll fraud is unauthorized International toll calls generated by entities who gain access (hack into) to telecommunications systems to place unauthorized International calls. While Mid-Hudson Cablevision takes steps to secure our systems, and assist customers to secure their systems, customers are entirely responsible for the security of their Telecommunications phone lines and systems.

Mid-Hudson Cablevision recommends that customers leave International Call Barring in place for the utmost security of their business or residence. Alternatively, customers can remove the International Call Barring all together. While Mid-Hudson Cablevision does not recommend that customers remove International Call Barring, we understand the need for some customers to make international calls.

An additional layer of security beyond International Call Barring is Mid-Hudson Cablevision “High Risk” blocked countries list. These countries are areas where Mid-Hudson Cablevision (and other toll providers) have experienced high levels of fraud. Mid-Hudson Cablevision has blocked calling to these areas unless specified and acknowledged below that you wish this removed. Mid-Hudson Cablevision reserves the right to add/or subtract countries on that list without notification to customers.

See the High Risk Countries PDF

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have reviewed the options available to you and that you have been advised that removing International Call Barring and/or unblocking High Risk countries from your account will increase your risk of toll fraud. You also acknowledge that you will accept all charges associated with both International and Domestic dialing, whether the toll calls are fraudulent or actual toll calls initiated by you, your business or residence. Please note that most business and residential insurance does not cover toll fraud and toll fraud can cost thousands of dollars within just a few hours…

International Call Barring is a switch setting placed on Mid-Hudson Cablevision’s equipment preventing international calls from being dialed from directory numbers that the setting is applied to. Attempted calls will receive a recorded message that the call will not be completed.

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