Go unlimited and never run out of data again.

Unlike most internet providers, with MHC, all of our Fiber Internet plans come with FREE unlimited data. No additional charges, no data caps…ever.

Your internet experience + productivity will soar!

Unlimited data empowers you to maximize productivity by seamlessly accessing cloud-based applications, collaborating on projects, and attending virtual meetings or classes without the worry of data restrictions. It enables uninterrupted work and learning experiences.

Plus, with unlimited data, our fiber internet packages ensure consistent high-speed connectivity, allowing you to enjoy fast downloads, smooth streaming, and lag-free online gaming without any data throttling.


The most advanced fiber network in the area. Over 52+ years of experience.


Multiple simultaneous connections for multiple simultaneous users..


For “always online” households, your connection will be strong + reliable.

What makes our fiber internet so special?

Unlimited Data
All packages come with unlimited data.

With other companies, unlimited data is an add-on. Not us. All internet packages come with unlimited data, no extra charge.

Future-Proof Internet
An advanced fiber network, built for the future.

We’ve invested millions in our new, advanced fiber network – enabling future expansion and upgrades to be a breeze.