Residential Fiber Internet

Mid-Hudson has built the most advanced fiber internet network throughout Columbia and Greene Counties enabling homes & businesses to access the Internet with a fiber optic connection with increased speedsgreater reliability and enhanced security.

Our kids are big gamers so we needed something fast to keep up. Thanks to Mid-Hudson Cable, our internet has never been faster and we’ve even saved money on our bill. ”


Why choose Mid-Hudson Fiber?

Our homes are increasingly filled with a range of smart devices – from gaming systems, smart TVs and phones to computers, tablets and even video doorbell systems – each uses up bandwidth to connect to the Internet. Residential Fiber Internet is perfect for these devices plus for those who work and take online schooling from home.

Fiber Internet is now widely available!

Looking for our traditional cable internet or don’t live in the Fiber service area? Don’t worry, our traditional cable internet is still here and will be used in areas where Fiber is not yet available. See our questions and answers for more.

* Fiber internet is now widely available everywhere Mid-Hudson services. Please call for availability at your service address.

Residential Fiber Internet Pricing


Supports more than 10 devices
Advanced WiFi
No contracts, no hidden fees


Supports more than 15 devices
Advanced WiFi
No contracts, no hidden fees


Supports more than 20 devices
Advanced WiFi
No contracts, no hidden fees

Our homes are becoming filled with a range of smart devices, for the homes with minimal users and streaming devices our best suggestions for bandwidth would be as low as 100 MBPS. However there is no telling just how many devices or people in your home you may need to share that bandwidth with. We decided to ease the fear of the unknown and start our bandwidth at 300 MBPS and at an affordable rate. Our packages are great for our everyday users to high demand usage for everything from online streaming & gaming to learning & working remotely from home.

Some restrictions may apply. Call for availability at your address. Taxes and fees not included. 30 day money back is on the service only.

Unlimited data. No contracts.


Our internet can reach speeds in excess of 1 Gbps download. That means fewer slowdowns and less buffering to make your internet expierience soar!

Fiber Internet in Hudson


With a fiber connection, a dedicated line means you’re able to bypass Internet traffic, offering consistent and reliable, fast speeds that aren’t shared with your neighbor.

Reliable High Speed Fiber Internet
Fast Home WiFi with Fiber Internet

Powerful WiFi

MHWifi powered by eero (add-on), brings reliable, secure wifi coverage to every corner of your home. Simple setup, parental controls & more!

Fiber Internet in Hudson






How our upgrade affects you.

Looking for our standard internet or don’t live in the Fiber service area? Mid-Hudson Cable is upgrading our network, replacing our traditional cable internet to fiber.  This expansion will future-proof the internet for our customers, allowing us to provide much faster speeds, higher security and a more reliable and smoother connection.

The upgrade should be seamless for our new & existing customers and the pricing is the same for both fiber and traditional cable internet.

New High Speed Internet Customers
Existing High Speed Internet Customers

MHWifi, powered by eeero. Fast in-home WiFi on our High Speed Fiber Internet

Whole-home wifi that works.

A simple, smart, and secure network that just keeps getting better with automatic updates.

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