We value your awareness throughout our fiber internet construction journey. As our teams embark on the preparations for fiber installation in your neighborhood, we will be in touch via email, SMS, social media, and may even visit your doorstep to ensure you’re well-informed every step of the way!

How our construction process works.

Ensuring safety + quality

Ensuring safety + quality

At Mid-Hudson Cable, safety is our top priority throughout every phase of our Fiber Internet Construction process.

We are deeply committed to safeguarding both our dedicated workers and the residents of the communities we serve. Our stringent safety protocols and regular training programs ensure that everyone involved remains protected at all times.

Responsible construction, community care

We take great care to minimize disruptions and leave the areas we work in as pristine as we found them, if not better. Our construction teams go the extra mile to mitigate any potential damage, and in the rare event of any issues, we promptly address and repair them.

As responsible stewards of the environment and members of the community, we believe in delivering construction services that benefit everyone, leaving behind not just high-speed connectivity but also a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful neighborhood.

Public right of way

A public right of way designates specific land set aside for use by authorized public entities, playing a pivotal role in facilitating utility services such as those provided by Mid-Hudson Cable.

Above all, please keep in mind that our installation team will only visit your residence if you specifically request fiber internet installation and connection. The decision to utilize our high-speed internet service ultimately rests with you!