Fiber Availability

Mid-Hudson Cable is upgrading our network, replacing our traditional cable internet to fiber. This expansion will future-proof the internet for our customers, allowing us to provide much faster speeds, higher security and a more reliable and smoother connection.

Where is fiber available?

We are currently in mid-deployment of our brand new fiber network. In areas where fiber internet already was deployed, those customers have already been upgraded for free from cable internet to fiber internet.

In non-fiber areas, we are doing a staged deployment, town by town to our new fiber tech, capable of 2 Gigabit up to 10 Gigabit. Currently, Philmont is being upgraded to our new fiber internet.

To find out if fiber is now available in your area or coming soon, please use the form below and a representative will look up your exact address to know if you can take advantage of our ultra-fast fiber internet.

Network Upgrades
Network Upgrades

Is fiber available at my address?