About Mid-Hudson Cable

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Mid-Hudson Cable has been providing services to this region for more than 50 years. The company offers a complete suite of telecommunication services that its customers have come to rely on. Its management team of 70 technical and service staff has extensive experience in the management of cable systems and fiber data networks.

James1The company was started in 1971 by George I. Reynolds. Its current President, James M. Reynolds, has served as President since 1978. On his watch, the company has developed from a community antenna television business into a telecommunications company which now provides digital television, high speed internet, voice over internet phone service (cable phone), high def television, digital video recording (DVR), video on demand, home monitoring, and TV Everywhere.

As one of the few remaining independent Cable TV companies, Mid-Hudson has distinguished itself for deploying state of the art services comparable to the major companies in the industry. On three different occasions, the company has received the Gilbert Award, the highest award granted by the Cable Television and Telecommunications Association of New York for outstanding community service. Mid-Hudson understands the significance of deploying telecommunications infrastructure throughout the region in support of initiatives to encourage economic development.

The company has completed a rebuild of more than 1,000 miles of Hybrid Fiber Coax infrastructure throughout the region to support these initiatives. Mr. Reynolds has been involved in the development of several other related companies and serves as President of Mid-Hudson Communications, Catskill Mountain Construction, Mid-Hudson Data, and Tech Valley Communications.

In the past, Mr. Reynolds has given his time to several organizations. He has served as a valuable member of The Columbia Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees. At one time he was the Director of the Cable Television and Telecommunications Association of New York. He has also served as a member of the Columbia County Economic Development Corporation and is the former President of Friends of Olana and the Columbia Greene Community College Foundation.


1971    Company started by George I. Reynolds
1978    System rebuilt and HBO & MSG launched
1982    Catskill Mt. Video acquired
1983    Addressable Technology introduced
1985    Catskill Mountain Construction Company Formed
1993    Installed 4000′ of submarine cable 12 ½ feet below the Hudson
1996    System rebuilt for 3rd time Interdicted Technology introduced
1997    Mid-Hudson Online – Dial up Internet Service
1998    Mid-Hudson Communications – Data Communications
1999    Mid-Hudson Cable Ad Sales –  Full Service Agency – Video, Print & Web
1999    Launched Digital Television Service
2002    MH Communications merges with Tech Valley Communications
2002    Launched Cable Modem Service
2003    Launched Video on-Demand (VOD)
2004    Launched VoIP service
2005    Over 1,100 fiber plant miles supporting police & fire departments, 25 municipalities including E911 in Columbia County
2008    Rapidly deploying fiber in all new markets
2009    High Definition – Digital Video Recording (DVR)
2011     Ad Sales – IPTV
2012    TV Everywhere
2013    Digital Transition of all channels
2016   Upgrade to Network for speeds from 25 MB to over 200 MB
System Network Plant and power upgrades. Data Networks updates.
2018    Awarded Broadband Grant to expand broadband coverage- Drone videoing – Deploying Standby Power
2019    Launched New Wifi – ( eero ) – Broadband Construction expanding broadband coverage  – Company Rebranded ESOP – Google Ads
2020    Introduced Podium chat features for customers with better customer service interaction
2020    New Simulsat Dish Installation at headend – Launched Metaswitch voice solutions  – Strategic Fiber Builds