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Posted 11/1/2022Migration of VLANs/GPON Fiber Customers Notice

Attention GPON customers – we will be performing network upgrades over the coming one to two months.

The upgrades will involve the following.

  1. Migration to a better network.
  2. This will affect IP Addresses currently assigned – you will receive new assignments.
  3. Customers with ‘static’ or reserved IP Addresses will be migrated after dynamic customers.

Any questions or concerns, please contact our ISR Department. Most customers will not notice any changes unless they have an improper or custom configuration.

* We will be beginning in the Hudson area on Wednesday 11/2/2022

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Am I in an Outage?

If you’re having difficulty with your Mid-Hudson Cable services and the weather is bad, you may be in an outage. Finding out if you’re in an outage is simple.

How do I know if I’m in an outage?

Right above on this page will indicate if there is currently an outage or you can also chat with us online via Podium at the bottom right of every page.

Outages are also posted on our Facebook page or lastly you can call us directly at (800) 342-5400.

How do I report an outage?

If you’re having trouble with your Mid-Hudson Cable services, first check to see if you’re in a power outage with your power company — Central Hudson, NYSEG or National Grid.  If you are, your Mid-Hudson Cable equipment won’t work. If your power is on, try troubleshooting your equipment.

What next?

  • Are all TV’s in your house having the same issue?
  • Have you checked all the connections including power plugs to your equipment?
  • Have you power cycled your equipment if the issue is affecting only one piece of equipment?
  • Have you checked/changed the batteries in the remote?
  • If an internet issue have you reset your modem or router?

If you’re still having trouble and believe you’re in an outage, contact us to report it.

Report an Outage

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Weather Devices

What’s causing the outage?

Outages can be caused by a variety of factors such as company maintenance, tree damage, semi-annual sun outages or severe weather conditions like snow or high winds.

Sun Outages

A sun outage, or sun spots, is an interruption in satellite signals caused by interference from solar radiation. The interference is caused when the sun is in direct line with a communication satellite and the sun’s radiation overwhelms the satellite signal.

These occur in the Fall and Spring each year.

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about severe weather events that may be affecting your area by visiting Weather.com. You may also try checking for any power outages in your area by visiting your power company’s outage website — Central HudsonNYSEG or National Grid.  You can also stay up to date on maintenance outages by following Mid-Hudson Cable on Facebook.

When will the outage be over?

Variables like the duration and severity of the event causing the outage will affect service restoration. Be assured that repairs will be made as quickly as possible once the conditions clear and it’s safe for our technicians to return to normal operations.

Please try our live chat at the bottom right of every page or you may call us at (800) 342-5400 to see if estimates are available for restoration times.

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Other resources

Please visit your current power company — Central HudsonNYSEG or National Grid and the Weather Channel for more information on current power outages and weather affecting the area.

The Weather Channel
Central Hudson