Mid-Hudson Cable

Fiber Expansion Completed

Ravena, Coeymans, New Baltimore, Greenville, Earlton, Freehold, Rensselaerville, Remainder of the Town of Cairo, Remainder of Town of Durham

Fiber Expansion Continues

Columbiaville, Stockport, Stottville, Remainder of Greenport, Town of Catskill, Parts of Windham, Ashland, Prattsville. Village of Coxsackie, Leeds and Village of Cairo

New Mid-Hudson Cable TV App!

Early 2024, we'll be launching a new Mid-Hudson Cable TV solution so that you'll be able to watch Mid-Hudson Cable TV from any mobile device, anywhere. This will replace our current TV solution. Stay tuned for more information on the solution's features and final release date.

Fiber Expansion Ongoing

Deployed - Parts of Hudson, Philmont/Claverack, Village of Athens Constructing - Village of Catskill, Elizaville, Livingston, City of Hudson (excluding underground)