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MHVoice - Home & Business Phone Solutions from Mid-Hudson Cable

Are you paying over $40 to your phone provider?

Introducing MHVoice from Mid-Hudson Cable.

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per month for 1 year

Includes Unlimited Long Distance in the Continental U.S.
No Equipment Charges

Some restrictions may apply. Must have Mid-Hudson Cable Internet Service.

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A wealth of capabilities to make your home life easier

MHVoice supports E911 in Columbia, Greene and Albany counties. E911 provides the local 911 dispatch center full name and location of the call.

Call Forwarding
Forwards all incoming calls to a different number

Caller ID
Displays the name of the incoming caller before the subscriber answers the call.

Do Not Disturb
Allows subscriber to block their line temporarily to prevent incoming calls.

Three-Way Calling
Allows subscriber to talk to two people in different locations at the same time.

Call Waiting
Informs the subscriber on a busy line that there is another incoming call, and displays the number and/or name of the new caller.

Speed Dial
Allows subscribers to call frequently used numbers by dialing a one digit short code.

Anonymous Call Rejection

And Many More Features!

MHVoice - Home & Business Phone Solutions from Mid-Hudson Cable

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