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Is there any troubleshooting I can do on my own should I have a problem?

Absolutely! If you take a few minutes to double-check the following items, your problem may be easier to fix than you thought:

  • Check your equipment (e.g., cordless phone, answering machine, or fax) by disconnecting it from the phone jack and power source. Sometimes resetting your equipment will restore service.
  • Make sure all of your phones are hung up.
  • Do a visual inspection of all exposed wiring and connections for damage or loose connections.
  • If you have more than one outlet, check each instrument at each outlet to determine if operation can be obtained from any outlet.
  • To isolate jack or house wiring problems, move a working telephone to each jack in the house to find which location is causing the trouble.

Domestic Calls For calls within your own service area Dial the 10 digit number. For calls outside your service area Dial 1+ area code+ 7 DIGIT NUMBER International Calls Dial 011 + the country code + phone number To contact your Operator Dial 0. Operator Assisted calls area billed on a per use basis. These charges depend on the service requested. Remember International Calls will be applicable anywhere outside the contiguous 48 states & Canada ecluding Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico.

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