Can I call 911 using Mid-Hudson Telephone service?

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Yes. To help you quickly respond to emergencies, MHVoice Phone provides 911 services much like traditional telephone companies. Should you ever need to access emergency services—fire, police, or ambulance—just dial the familiar digits 911, using your MHVoice Phone service. Your call will be routed directly to the nearest public safety operator, who will dispatch the appropriate services. With Enhanced 911, emergency services will be able to quickly find you—your telephone number and address are electronically routed to the operator the moment your call goes through. To ensure that 911 calls are properly routed, do not move the Network Interface Unit installed in your home to another location*. If you use our service from an address that is different from the one you initially provided, the E911 service will not work properly. When you plan to move and need to change your service address, please call Mid-Hudson Customer Care so that we can properly move your service. *The Network Interface Unit is the property of Mid-Hudson Cable and is to remain on the premises if service is relocated or disconnected. If the device is removed, the customer will be subject to a one-time charge for the device.